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Working Towards a Brighter Future

     Timeline to    GRAND OPENING

The Focus of Our Efforts


New Digs:

Our New Location was Acquired

Our new location's lease was reviewed, & voted on by the Board on 02/28/20.  Our first day was 03/01, the electricity was put in BHMWC name on 03/03.

Townhall 1.jpg

Hear the call, come to Town Hall:

Community Input

On 02/29  the BHMWC hosted a Town Hall to garner support from local community leaders and members. Many attended, including the Mayor. Press from Southern Standard was also present.

Cases 2 .png

A sight to See:

Acquiring Display Cases

Our board voted to Purchase 20 display cases on 05/11, They were transported to BHMWC on 05/17.

The Walkway of Honor at Ramsey Park

The Walkway of Honor at Ramsey Park is a unique opportunity for anyone to recognize a family member, friend or special person, past or present, with an inscribed brick in their honor. We all have someone in our lives who helped shape our future, taught us life lessons or just provided a shoulder to cry on when we needed it most. What better way to show your appreciation than placing their name among others who deserve such special attention. The individual bricks, with personalized messages, will provide a lasting legacy that will be available for future generations to enjoy. The Walkway of Honor at Ramsey Park is sponsored by the Black History Museum of Warren County TN as part of their ongoing efforts to preserve the past, acknowledge the present and build for the future.

walkway 3.jpg

 Beginning Stages:  The Walkway of Honor

Miracle Field Bricks1.jpg

Showing Love: One Brick at a Time

Moving Forward

Public Speaker

Walking the Walk:

Private Tours held for our local Donors

We will provide personal walk through tours for the people who make this all possible. YOU!! OUR DONORS!  This will include monetary donors as well as artifact providers, whether on loan, lease, or donation. To be held at our GRAND OPENING FEB 20, 2021

Come one, Come All:

Fundraising event, Artifacts & Monetary

The BHMWC is to host a Fundraising event!  The focus will be on local Artifacts.  We will have historians on hand to provide information to the public, even if you choose not to donate/lease your items.  We will also be collecting money to put toward the upkeep of artifacts already in the museum.  Please bring any items you feel represent the black community of Warren County.  To be held  at our GRAND OPENING FEB 20, 2021

Business People Talking

Teach us the Way:

Advisement from State Museums

BHMWC will host the Curator and Director from the TN State Museum to advise and guide on the next steps toward opening.  These leaders in the industry will provide unparalleled insight on industry standards and practices.

We had a ZOOM call with TN State Museum advisors on NOV 13th. We will continue to seek their knowledge and expertise.

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